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We Came from the Basement
We are Jason and Shawn, and We Came from the Basement.
Category: TV & Film
Location: the Interior of British Columbia
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The eight to 10 minute movie guys, Friday's at about 8:40 a.m. on Radio NL 610 AM Kamloops. Stick with us!

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December 15, 2018 09:10 AM PST

'Twas the second to last weekend before Christmas, and all through The Basement, Jason and Shawn are stirring, and . . . nothing rhymes with basement . . .

But the Basement Boys ARE here to pleasure your earholes with reviews of movies traditional to the season and otherwise, including the new Christmas classic The Christmas Chronicles starring the most bad ass Santa of all time -- Kurt Russell!

Oh, and Jason watched a movie co-starring We Came from the Basement's frequent co-host Amy Wickenheiser! How cool is that? Stick with us!

And stick around for Friday morning's segment from the mighty Radio NL 610 AM Morning Show, where Jason, Shawn and Howie discussed the weekend's big movie releases and The Basement's Top 5 Non-Traditional Christmas Movies.

Toss in some of the worst reviews ever featured on Amazon, and some entertainment news, and you've got yourself a podcast; one that readies you for the silly season ahead. Push play and enjoy!

December 08, 2018 09:19 AM PST

We Came from the Basement wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for repeat guest John Fallon. The actor/writer/director/producer/stuntman/Arrow in the Head founder was Jason and Shawn's first guest, and he's become a friend and frequent collaborator. Heck, he even helped come up with the show's title.

Fallon updates audiences on his many projects, and he's brought actor/martial artist Marc Natoli with him to discuss their short film collaboration The Proposal, as well as update fans on his second directorial effort, Heretic, and the upcoming The Siege of Robin Hood.

The 15-minute interview is everything you'd want for a John Fallon interview, and introduces listeners to the next big thing in martial arts action -- Marc Natoli. This is a conversation everyone is gonna want to hear.

Meanwhile, Jason and Shawn to take aim at those who . . . well, took aim at the classic Christmas song Baby Its Cold Outside, and suggest a few other seasonal favourites this McCarthy-like witch hunt can target as well. And they review the second coming of Charles Bronson in Death Kiss.

Toss in Friday's segment from the mighty Radio NL 610 AM Morning Show, and a few other goodies, and you've got yourself a dandy of a podcast. Push play, and stick with us!

December 01, 2018 08:47 AM PST

Not rain nor sleet nor technical difficulties can keep the latest podcast From The Basement from reaching your fine ear holes. Such is the case this week, at least.

Please don't hit us with a Me Too for the fine ear holes comment...

But the Basement Boys did experience some technical glitches during their latest recording session, not that you'll notice, and the show went on. What did Jason and Shawn ramble on about this week? The usual of course: all things entertainment!

Shawn finally caught up with The Predator and Jason finally caught up wth the 1981 slashic Hell Night starring Linda Blair of The Exorcist fame. Plus the duo lament the passing of Netflix and Marvel's Daredevil series, and ponder why that happened. Oh, and they take a few shots at Ed the Sock as well.

Toss in Friday morning's segment from the mighty Radio NL 610 AM Morning Show with Howie Reimer and you've got yourself a podcast. So go ahead and push play. You know you want to!

November 25, 2018 08:45 AM PST

Comin' at yah from the mighty Radio NL via the Internet audio waves to your ear holes; it's this week's extended cut podcast for We Came from the Basement.

Once again, Jason and Shawn not only bring you The Basement's Friday morning segment from the NL Morning Show, they also share the audio from their Facebook Live broadcast that makes up this extended cut, complete with bad language and boob references.

What's on the agenda this weekend, other than a rundown of what to watch in theatres and at home? Well, the Basement Boys critique the trailer for Kurt Russell's reign as Santa Claus in Netflix's The Christmas Chronicles. They also report in on The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell and Jason's efforts to cyber stalk its star, and share thoughts on the latest Mission: Impossible.

Oh, and Jason and Shawn once again cast their debunking eye on YouTube videos that allege to capture paranormal activity on film.

There's a bunch of other stuff too that's so awesome, you'll be awesomed out by its awesomeness. And you can hear it right now if you push play on the player below.

November 17, 2018 09:07 AM PST

Jason and Shawn return in this, the first extended cut podcast in three weeks! The event also marks a new milestone for The Basement Boys, as it's the first they've record live on Facebook!!

What does this mean for the future of the show? Not much changes really. Although there's some mugging for the camera that can only be seen when watching the video on We Came from the Basement's Facebook page.

And Jason and Shawn respond to questions posted during the recording, which listeners will hear on the show. Other than that, the podcast remains the same.

In addition to Friday's segment with Jason and Howie on the mighty Radio NL 610 AM Kamloops, Jason and Shawn talk the death of Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee and his impact on popular culture. They also review the Netflix TV series Haunted.

Oh, and they get into an in-depth discussion about a recent UFO sighting in their home town of Kamloops, and attempt to debunk the footage, which will be posted on the Facebook page. Jason and Shawn like to think of themselves as professional debunkers you know.

You can hear it all right here, right now, by pushing play on the player below. Look for the video version of this episode to appear on YouTube soon.

October 25, 2018 01:47 PM PDT

A family emergency means this week's extended cut isn't as extended as it usually is (does that make sense?), but the show still goes on!

While you won't get the usual Jason and Shawn banter, you do get Jason and Shawn's full interview with Elizabeth Thomson, the art director on Netflix's newest spooky creation, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!

Thomson talks the world of production design, what goes into a show's visual style, and how much work it takes to design and build those awesome sets we, as a viewers, often take for granted. It's an interesting and insightful 15-minute discussion.

The interview runs along with Jason and Howie's segment from the Radio NL 610 AM Morning Show, which ran Friday morning. If you missed that, this is your lucky day!

If Jason's life co-operates, he and Shawn and Howie will all be back next Sunday for a regular extended cut, that'll play at the same Bat time on the same Bat channel.

Now push play, enjoy and stick with us!

October 18, 2018 10:04 PM PDT

It's that time of year again (well, almost) and that means everyone is entitled to one good scare . . . even Jason and Shawn.

And that's what The Basement Boys are in for with this, the extended cut of Friday's segment on the Radio NL 610 AM Morning Show. Why, because they are venturing out of The Basement and into the cinema to see the new Halloween.

Jason is a long-time fan of the franchise and, for him, seeing this movie is bigger than catching The Force Awakens when it came out. Shawn, on the other hand, has always been more of a Jason Voorhees guy.

How will this much anticipated, and highly praised, direct sequel to John Carpenter's classic rate with these too? Did the makers of The Pineapple Express truly pull off a winner? Stick with us!

Given that this is a lean and mean edition, you get the spoiler-ish-free review and a replay of the Morning Show bit with Howie. That's it, that's all. But really, what more do you need, as a certain Dr. Sam Loomis once said?

So go ahead and push play on the player below, but don't say we didn't warn you.

October 14, 2018 08:38 AM PDT

Jason and Shawn are back and ready to throw down over an action-packed short film in this, the extended cut of Friday's segment on the Radio NL 610 AM Morning Show.

What's the short film? It's called The Proposal and comes by way of long-time friend and collaborator John Fallon and rising martial arts star Marc Natoli. And it just killed it this past week at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain.

The Basement Boys do love their action. Does that mean they love this ode to 80s and 90s action films? Stick with us!

Jason and Shawn also talk Scarlett Johansson earning $15 million for a Black Widow movie, and how that stacks up against the Marvel Studios boys. And there's the segment from Friday's show, where Jason and Howie give the rundown and what's new in theatres, and what the big entertainment stories were heading into the weekend.

FYI: they talk about Trump. If you're like Trump, and easily offended by any Trump talk, you might want to skip that section. Just sayin'.

Yes, there's all this and little bit more, so push play on the player below and enjoy!

October 07, 2018 08:00 AM PDT

The time is now! Meaning it's time once again for Jason and Shawn to take to the Interwebs for this, the extended cut of Friday's segment on the mighty Radio NL 610 AM Morning Show.

What is an extended cut, you might ask? Easy: it's extra content created for long-time fans of We Came from the Basement featuring the original duo of Jason and Shawn. The show turned eight this year, and no one in The Basement wants to disappoint those who have stuck with us since the beginning.

So what do The Basement Boys do to pleasure your ear holes around Jason and Howie's on-air segment? Well, Russian bots for one thing. And not the Russian bots that tampered with the last U.S. election. We're talking the Russian bots that tried to turn fans again Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Believe it!

Speaking of Star Wars, Jason and Shawn sound off on the new Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian from Jon Favreau, Damons Wayans quitting Lethal Weapon, the Pet Semetary (spits) remake, and that Rambo 5 image where Sylvester Stallone looks the Marlboro Man (what up with that?).

Yes, you get all this PLUS the Friday segment for those who haven't heard it. And you can listen now via the player below.

Stick with us!

September 30, 2018 08:34 AM PDT

What happens when a couple of aging film geeks get philosophical, and start talking UFOs, science, God and life after death? The end of society as we know it? Yet are still able to tie it all into film and entertainment?

That is a question best asked before tuning into this, the extended cut of Friday's We Came from the Basement segment on the mighty Radio NL 610 AM Kamloops.

Oh, and you might also want to ask yourself what you look like while coughing. You've been warned.

Don't fret though, as Jason and Shawn still do what they do best -- talk movies! That includes their thoughts (well, Shawn's mostly) on the state of the DC Cinematic Universe. There's also a discussion on the quality of a film based on the number of days it takes to watch it.

And yes, if you missed Jason and Howie talk the weekend's releases Night School, Hell Fest and Smallfoot, and the week's big entertainment news, you can listen to it here and now.

The game's afoot and the fun is about it begin. Just push play on the player below and enjoy, mofo!

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